Joshua Schober

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RedPrairie – dimensional direct mail

RedPrairie helps retailers ensure that the right goods arrive to the right people at the right time. Yet even this logistical giant has a tough time getting their message to the right individuals. Working with RedPrairie, we identified a list of 300 c-suite decision-makers to target for a face-to-face meeting. Above all else, we wanted to send them something that felt personal. These 300 portraits were created by using the individual’s photo, then creating a list of products relevant to their companies. Then we used the open-source MacOSaix to automatically generate their portrait out of over 3,000+ different product photos. The mailer also included a letter from RedPrairie’s CEO and an e-reader that contained a few of their latest case studies.

This mailer recently was selected for BMA B2 Award 2011 – Group Category Winner – Direct Response Marketing.


Art Director:
Josh Schober

Larry Minsky

Matt Vander Weit